Granting Policy

Granting Policy & Programs

As per the Federal Income Tax Act, PSI can only award grants to registered charities as defined by the Income Tax Act – hospitals and medical schools fall within this definition. Organizations seeking grant funds must provide the Foundation with their charitable registration number issued by Revenue Canada.

Our policy is that we devote our funds to charitable endeavours in the health field solely within the Province of Ontario. Our granting interest is limited to two areas – the education of practicing physicians and health research that emphasizes patient care.

Sponsoring Institution Policy

Eligible institutions must:

  • be located in the Province of Ontario
  • be a registered charity
  • have its own, independent research ethics board*
  • be eligible to hold Canadian Institute of Health Research grants. The list can be found at

*For institutions who do not have an internal REB, they may access an existing REB at another institution. The REB approval must clearly state where the research is taking place, who the primary investigators are, and have a matching title to the PSI approved study.

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