Frequently Asked Questions

For Applicants

What does the Foundation do?

We’re a not-for-profit organization dedicated to funding medical research, operating grants, and supporting hands-on education and training for practising physicians.

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Who can apply for support?

Physicians in the province of Ontario can apply for support. Please see our Guidelines for more information.

See Grant Recipient Guidelines
Am I eligible to receive a grant?

In order to receive a grant, you must reside in Ontario and hold a valid medical license.

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When and how can I apply for funding?

You can apply at any time using our online application system: We have four granting cycles annually, and applicants will generally receive their results within six months of submission. Please see application procedures for more information.

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When will I learn the results of my application?

Our Grants Committee will consider your application within six months of submission, and we work to release all funding decisions within 10 business days of the internal review committee meeting date.

How will I learn of the results of my application?

We will send a grant award letter or a decline notification via the email listed on your application. Results are also posted on the website.

Applicant Procedures

How do I apply?

All applications are made available using our online application system.

Exceptions: See specific details about submissions for the PSI Graham Farquharson Knowledge Translation Fellowship, PSI Research Trainee Award, and PSI Mid-Career Knoweldge Translation Fellowship

See Online Application System Details for other submissions
What documents are required for the application?

Please refer to the online application form for specific information in regards to documents required, page limits, signatures, etc. for the grant proposal.

See Online Application Form
What are your CV requirements?

Each CV is to be made up of two components. The first component should include all relevant information such as education, hospital/academic appointments, committees, etc. The second component is to be a list of major accomplishments (e.g. publications, presentations, grants received, awards, etc.) that directly apply to this application. Maximum 5 pages for entire CV.

Who is the Grant Administrator?

The Grant Administrator is the individual from the sponsoring institution’s research finance office who will receive and administer the funds, and ensure the institution follows the Foundation’s financial criteria.

When should my start date be?

Your proposed start date should be at least 6 months after submission as you will generally receive a funding decision within 6 months. For example, an application received in March 2022 should have a start date no earlier than September 2022.

Can either I or a co-investigator be paid from this grant?

No, an individual cannot be paid personnel and also be named as a principal investigator/applicant, co-investigator, or collaborator.

For PSI Health Research grant: Can a resident or student be named as a co-PI, co-investigator, collaborator?

No, a resident or student cannot be named as a co-PI, co-investigator, or collaborator.

For PSI Health Research grant: Can a resident be paid personnel on a Foundation funded grant?

No, a resident cannot be a paid personnel on a PSI grant.

For Grantees

What do I do after I receive a grant offer letter?

The grant offer letter will outline required documentation before any funds can be released. Upon receiving the required documents, we will release funds to the sponsoring institution indicated on the application.

What do I do when my study is over?

The Foundation requires a final accounting statement from the sponsoring institution, a completed online Final Report form submitted via PSI’s Online Grants Management System, and PDF copies of all publications resulting from your grant.

How do I acknowledge the Foundation's support in publications and presentations?

Please download our logo for use in presentations and acknowledge funding support by the PSI Foundation in all publications, presentations, media releases, and social media content. For more details, please refer to the Guidelines for Grant Recipients.

See Grant Recipient Guidelines
How do I know what the Foundation expects from me?

Please review the Guidelines for Grant Recipients. The Foundation expects a final accounting statement from the sponsoring institution, a completed Final Report form, and PDFs of all abstracts and publications.

See Grant Recipient Guidelines
What if my question is not answered here?

Please call our office at (416) 226-6323 or email us at

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