Dr. Shawn Mondoux – 2022 PSI Graham Farquharson Knowledge Translation Fellowship

KT Fellowship Recipients Website Banner - Dr. Shawn Mondoux Posted: December 21, 2021

“There is somewhat of a disconnect between medical training and consultant level work. While a trainee, we constantly evaluate individual performance to move clinicians towards better habits and more robust practice. With competency-based education, this focused is heightened. Yet once physicians enter practice, this formative feedback comes to an abrupt end. Providing clinicians with their individual practice data is an essential beginning yet falls short of meaningful and sustained practice change. If we are going to improve clinical practice, we must design peer exchange experiences, educational interventions and coaching which bring practice data to the next level. It is not enough to know things should change, it’s about providing clarity on how this could be done.” – Dr. Shawn Mondoux

Dr. Shawn Mondoux Awarded: 2022 PSI Graham Farquharson Knowledge Translation Fellowship

PSI Foundation is delighted to announce Dr. Shawn Mondoux of McMaster University as the 2022 PSI Graham Farquharson Knowledge Translation Fellow.

Through this Fellowship, Dr. Mondoux aims to change clinical practice through augmented data feedback, using interviews, peer learning methods, and clinical coaching to improve clinical care metrics.

Making healthcare safer and a doctor’s practice better starts with providing each doctor with good quality data about their medical practice. Dr. Mondoux has created such a system that compares a doctor’s practice with peer doctor who work in the same setting. But improvement needs more than data. This Fellowship will allow Dr. Mondoux to develop new education, peer coaching and data sharing programs to make sure that the data is used as best as possible.

About Dr. Shawn Mondoux

Dr. Shawn Mondoux is an Emergency Physician at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton (SJHH) and an Assistant Professor at McMaster University. He graduated with a B.Eng. in Aerospace Engineering, completed his medical training at the University of Ottawa in the Royal College stream of Emergency Medicine and completed a MSc of Quality Improvement and Patient Safety at the University of Toronto. Dr. Mondoux currently serves as the Quality and Safety Lead of the Emergency Department and is a corporate Innovation Lead at SJHH.

About the PSI Graham Farquharson Knowledge Translation Fellowship

Knowledge translation research aims at transitioning research discoveries to the real world to improve health outcomes. This prestigious fellowship – valued at $300,000 for over three years – helps protect a promising clinician’s research time, allowing the Fellow to undertake high-impact translational research.

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