Dr. Andrea Gershon – 2022 PSI Graham Farquharson Knowledge Translation Fellowship

KT Fellowship Recipients Website Banner - Dr. Andrea Gershon Posted: December 21, 2021

“I am delighted to receive a PSI KT Fellowship that will support the cutting edge work we are doing to help patients and health care providers maintain and improve lung health. I am impressed by the PSI Foundations forward-thinking dedication to knowledge translation – not just research, as well as its commitment to innovation and new ideas.” – Dr. Andrea Gershon

Dr. Andrea Gershon Awarded: 2022 PSI Graham Farquharson Knowledge Translation Fellowship

PSI Foundation is delighted to announce Dr. Andrea Gershon of Sunnybrook Research Institute as the 2022 PSI Graham Farquharson Knowledge Translation Fellow.

This Fellowship will allow Dr. Gershon to further advance her research and knowledge translation program, Canadian Best Respiratory Research Evaluation and Analyst Team of Health Experts (CanBREATHE), conducting research and translating it to improved care for people with respiratory disease in Canada. She leads a diverse team of more than 70 researchers, clinicians, patients and other stakeholders to conduct such research and knowledge translation. Importantly, she also works closely with government, health districts, hospitals, health care providers and patients to translate their findings to quality, equitable care to improve lung health for all.

About Dr. Andrea Gershon

Dr. Andrea Gershon is a Respirologist and Senior Scientist at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, University of Toronto and ICES. She is a well published CIHR-funded researcher as well as the COPD Associate Editor of the high impact journal CHEST.

Dr. Gershon’s award winning research investigates health outcomes, health services, and drug safety and effectiveness in individuals with respiratory disease. Her research and knowledge translation program uses real world data from millions of people to learn about the experiences of people with lung disease with a focus on vulnerable groups, including the elderly, those of lower socioeconomic status, and aboriginal peoples.

Dr. Gershon has published over 200 peer-reviewed articles. She has been an invited speaker at international meetings, universities, and medical centres worldwide. Her work is used by government and non-profit organizations where it informs international guideline and policy documents.

Dr. Gershon works with junior faculty, postgraduate fellows, graduate candidates, and other students at all levels of training. She loves supporting these future leaders, researchers and clinicians who will be central to the discovery and use of health-related knowledge to keep people well.

About the PSI Graham Farquharson Knowledge Translation Fellowship

Knowledge translation research aims at transitioning research discoveries to the real world to improve health outcomes. This prestigious fellowship – valued at $300,000 for over three years – helps protect a promising clinician’s research time, allowing the Fellow to undertake high-impact translational research.

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