2020 2nd Quarter Update

PSI News and Updates Cover picture with post title Posted: June 29, 2020

PSI Foundation provides quarterly updates to keep Ontario’s physicians and the general public informed about our activities and achievements. If you have any feedback about these updates, please email the PSI Foundation office.

More than $2 Million in New Funding Approved

In early 2020, PSI launched an expedited COVID-19 funding opportunity. This was the first specific request for proposals that PSI engaged in over the last 40 years. The PSI Grants Committee reviewed over 100 meritorious applications focused on COVID-19. PSI is pleased to announce that 6 applications were approved totaling $1,108,000.

In addition to the COVID-19 grants, PSI has approved 13 grants totaling $1,234,000. These new grants are examining a range of topics, including transition in care activities across rural hospitals in Ontario, virtual reality as a tool to reduce pre-procedure anxiety, and qualitative analysis of the experiences of non-insured individuals in Toronto’s emergency departments.

More information about the funded studies is available on PSI’s Funded Research page. We look forward to featuring these studies and the grant recipients on the PSI website in the coming months.

We thank all of the applicants for their submissions, external peer reviewers for enhancing the scientific rigour of our granting program, and Ontario institutions for supporting PSI with the award process.

Supporting our Award Holders During COVID-19

We understand that COVID-19 may have an impact on research-related activities supported through the PSI awards. Please review the separate post on how PSI is supporting our award holders during COVID-19 pandemic.

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