PSI-50 Mid-Career Clinical Research Award – Dr. Laura Gaudet

50th Anniversary Cover picture with photo of Dr. Laura Gaudet Posted: February 18, 2020

“This award will focus on three research projects that will fundamentally change how women with obesity are cared for during pregnancy. Every patient deserves the right to individualized, evidence-based care, with special attention to those from vulnerable populations. Taken as a whole, women with marked obesity clearly face higher risks of adverse pregnancy outcomes, yet some women with obesity have very successful pregnancies and births. Using novel methodology (patient preference trial design, bundled care, etc.), this research aims to provide both patients and maternity care providers with personalized information about the best maternity care in the best place at the best time.” – Dr. Laura Gaudet

Dr. Laura Gaudet’s Current Appointments:

  • Associate Professor of OB/GYN and Radiology, Department of Medicine, Queen’s University
  • Clinician Scientist, Kingston Health Sciences Centre
  • Adjunct Scientist, Ottawa Health Research Institute
  • Adjunct Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health, University of Ottawa

Dr. Laura Gaudet’s Research:

  • Dr. Gaudet’s current research program focuses on advancing evidence around pragmatic clinical care of pregnancies complicated by obesity
  • This research grant will support three projects:
    1. The completion of a pilot patient preference clinical trial of mode of delivery for primiparous women who have severe obesity (BMI ≥40 kg/m2)
    2. The development and evaluation of a triage tool to direct care of women with obesity to low-risk versus high-risk maternity care models
    3. A prospective pre- and post-intervention study of a bundle of care for prevention of wound infection among women with obesity who undergo Cesarean section delivery

About the PSI-50 Mid-Career Clinical Research Award

In celebration of PSI Foundation’s 50th anniversary, this one-time award provides up to $300,000 in funding over three or four years for a clinician-researcher between five and 15 years of their first academic appointment. This award recognizes that this phase of a researcher’s career is particularly challenging, with additional academic roles and responsibilities as well as the ongoing clinical work, and it will protect at least 50% of a recipient’s time for research that aligns with PSI Foundation priorities.

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