PSI-50 Mid-Career Clinical Research Award – Dr. Innie Chen

50th Anniversary Cover picture with photo of Dr. Innie Chen Posted: February 18, 2020

“Most women in Ontario will be adversely affected by one or more uterine conditions at some point, and more than a quarter of Ontarian women will receive a hysterectomy as definitive treatment.  Women affected by menstrual disorders are most often also the main caregivers and income earners within their families, making substantial economic contributions to their communities.  As such, research to improve the treatment of menstrual disorders and hysterectomy surgical practice is of paramount importance, not only to Ontarian women, but also to their families, their communities, as well as the Ontario healthcare system and Canadian society.” – Dr. Innie Chen

Dr. Innie Chen’s Current Appointments:

  • Associate Professor and Clinical Research Chair, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, The University of Ottawa
  • Cross-Appointment to the School of Epidemiology and Public Health, The University of Ottawa
  • Associate Scientist, The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
  • Staff Physician, The Ottawa Hospital

Dr. Innie Chen’s Research:

  • Dr. Chen’s research program focuses on improving women’s gynecologic health through the use of population-based epidemiological methods. Her research focus is on hysterectomy surgical practice in Canada.

About the PSI-50 Mid-Career Clinical Research Award

In celebration of PSI Foundation’s 50th anniversary, this one-time award provides up to $300,000 in funding over three or four years for a clinician-researcher between five and 15 years of their first academic appointment. This award recognizes that this phase of a researcher’s career is particularly challenging, with additional academic roles and responsibilities as well as the ongoing clinical work, and it will protect at least 50% of a recipient’s time for research that aligns with PSI Foundation priorities.

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