2024 PSI Graham Farquharson KT Fellow at the Starting Line: Passing the Baton to Dr. Lauren Lapointe-Shaw

Get to Know PSI KT Fellows Website Banner - PSI KT Fellow Starting - Dr. Lauren Lapointe-Shaw Posted: June 3, 2024

Upon receiving their approval letters and sharing the exciting news of the award with their community, the PSI Knowledge Translation (KT) Fellows begin preparing to get settled in their place at the starting line. As they embark on their KT Fellowship journey, we asked them few questions to know them beyond their recipient biographies, as well as some notes they could pass on to future applicants.

Please use 3 words to describe how you feel as you begin your KT Fellowship.

Proud, excited, and curious (about what we will find!)

Why did you apply for the PSI KT Fellowship? How does this award align with your current research and career goals?

I applied for the Fellowship to gain valuable salary support, and because I was pursuing a project that I thought would fit well with the award opportunity. The focus on knowledge translation resonates with my work which is centered on improving the quality of care in the real world. The award is also a way to highlight my work, which is helpful for ongoing engagement of patients, caregivers, and knowledge users.

What are 3 to 5 general tips and notes you would pass on to those preparing their KT Fellowship application?

  • Start early on your submission because there are a lot of documents required.
  • I benefitted immensely from reviewing a colleague’s successful submission as I prepared my materials – if you know someone who was previously successful in this, I would recommend reaching out to them.
  • Don’t be thrown off if there is some redundancy in the questions/materials, I found I did end up repeating myself in a few of the documents, and I guess that must have been alright because here I am.




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